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Thomas Valverde's new album is now available. It was recorded at the studio " La Fabrique des ondes " with David Chalmin on sound recording and mixing. 

Listen to the first tracks of "Polka"

Artwork single POLKA +.jpg

A timeless dance

Artwork single Point Final.jpg

A powerful song, where body and soul are involved

Artwork single Sideral Love Song.jpg

A love song without words

In this new album, Thomas Valverde steps away from his synthesizers to revisit the solo piano, an instrument that has been the cornerstone of his musical aspirations since his teenage years. His compositions are both committed and intimate, virtuoso and poetic, showcasing his dedication to music.
"Polka" focuses on the raw beauty of the piano with minimal production. Both upright and grand pianos are used create a diverse sound, capturing power and intimacy. The album's authenticity shines through, with his breaths and background noises left in the mix.
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